Qualifying Jobs

For all intents and purposes, jobs that qualify as e3 work visa professions are pretty much the same as those qualifying for the H1B visa. Because of this, jobs that qualify under the e3 visa requirements list are a lot broader than those outlined for the TN1 visa for Mexican and Canadian nationals.

e3 visa requirements, in fact, stipulate that a position only needs it has to satisfy the criteria of a “specialty occupation,” which is outlined in the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. Essentially, then, for a profession to meet e3 visa requirements, it has to demand the “application of specialized knowledge” — the kind of knowledge that you get from a Bachelor’s degree or extensive work experience.

In practice, this means that you not only have to have a degree (or experience) but also that the job itself also has to require that experience. You cannot, for example, qualify for an e3 visa if the job in question is with an unskilled position, even if you’re highly educated and experienced. But even if you’re educated and experience and the job in question does indeed demand that education or experience — the salary offered by that job still has to qualify as well.

E-3 Visa Requirements: Salary Qualifications

Another criteria that an e3 job must meet is the salary that it offers. According to e3 visa requirements,  a qualifying position must have to offer a salary that meets very distinct minimum standards.

Simply put, the job’s salary must equal either (1) the prevailing wage, which is the salary paid in the field and in the area, or (2) the actual wage, which is paid to workers at that company doing that job.  Note that the salary also has to be the higher of the two numbers.


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