We prefer that you submit your information directly on our website along with your resume in word or pdf format because outside services strip off too much information and all of your formatting.
Absolutely not. We do not charge candidates any finders or consulting fee upfront. However, candidates outside of the U.S are subject to a $99 application fee.
Most of our fees are paid by client companies and based on your contract you may pay a small percentage of salary after starting your new job.
Yes, after you have been selected and gone through our interview(s) and have cleared your background check you will be offered one of the three contracts.

1. Contingent Contract: Designed for high demand and highly skilled professionals such as physicians, surgeons, scientists, engineers, etc.
2. Retainer Contract: Designed for mid-level professionals
3. Staffing Contract: Based on industry demand.
Background checks help employers safeguard their reputations by creating safer, more secure work environments staffed by qualified honest employees.
A candidate is responsible to pay for his/her own background check.
Each country has its own set of laws, and some countries prohibit any agencies from obtaining records. Due to these constraints, international background checks can take anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks to complete and in some cases, it can take longer.
Background checks the fees vary between $150 to $1100 based on the country where the applicant lives.

For Example
E.U = $455
Russia = $575
Asia = $550 to $785
Africa = $400 to $700
Middle East = $450 to $650
N. America = $150 to $300
C. America = $330 to $550
S. America = $450 to $650
Australia = $800 to $1100
Depending on your country you can pay with your visa, master, discover, or Amex.
We do not like to waste candidate money. So we prefer to hold off on the background check until the candidate has successfully completed the second round of interview.
We understand that it may be difficult for some candidates. In such an event, we ask our candidate to inform the recruiter on its intro call so we can try to match you with a selected few employers. Keep in mind the pool of such employers is very limited.

More info on a background check, please click here


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