At TruConnectHR we are the  best US work visa customer company, where customers are no longer at the mercy of corporations, where they don’t have to suffer through bad services or broken products. Extensive waits or nonstop calls and where they have no voice or no alternative.

TruConnectHR recognize the world of constantly connected, always on, significantly opinionated, on the move, customer. We know that our customers have authority, and they know how to utilize it. They have potential and they have options if those expectations aren’t met. And they also have a voice & It is loud and clearly available thanks to today’s technology. To earn our customers reliability, we go way beyond the loyalty program, we begin by earning their trust.

TruConnectHR know its customer with more than just numbers or accounts. Our customers are exclusive human beings with a diverse set of needs, they now expect more than just a product or service from us. We offer them a relationship that is on equal conditions. They give, we get, we give, they get. We place them at the heart of our world because we are a good customer company.

A customer company who is accessible 24/7 and anyplace our customer happens to be. We listen first to each customer on each channel (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter). TruConnectHR always try to connect their customer, employees, partners and, products. We know the conversation never ends; we are grateful for your business. TruConnect try to create communities (Form’s, Chat rooms, Blogs & more) and we respect our client’s identity, privacy and, money.

At, TruConnect don’t just stop at satisfied customers, we go above and beyond and create fans and we listen to customers and provide great service everywhere.


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