There are several ways you can annoy your job recruiter, whether a corporate or third party, but they can be easily avoided. These recruiters will definitely wonder whether they should move you forward in the interview process or “fire” you! Here are my Top 6:

  1. Not calling your recruiter post interview – you need to give feedback after your interview! For a corporate recruiter, this could mean a follow-up email, call, or thank you note. For third party, it is crucial that you follow up in a timely manner. The third party recruiter will hear from the client within hours and needs to know from you how the interview went, whether or not you are interested, as well as how the hiring manager did in presenting the company and position to you.
  2. Not reading information about the company and the position you are interviewing for prior to the interview – the hiring manager will know and will tell your recruiter. It makes for a very awkward situation for all parties involved.
  3. Not keeping open communication with regard to other companies you have applied or interviewed with and letting everyone know where you are in the interview process with these companies.
  4. Neglecting to mention important things: example – offer pending. This speaks for itself!
  5. Your resume has incorrect information: example – dates of employment, differing titles.

Communication is KEY when working with your recruiter! Avoid these mistakes and you can have a great professional relationship with your recruiter and potential new employer. Remember, what goes around comes around. The hope is for you to land your dream job!


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